These days Islamic Banking is seeing a surge in its popularity as people recognize its true importance. There are lots of courses one can take to be a certified Islamic finance expert. However, with the number of courses available, one has to wonder which one is the best. So, let’s compare some of the courses which are most popular and try to establish which Islamic banking courses are most worth your time and money: 

1. Ease of Learning

​When you set out to gain a certification, you need to look at the time you will have to invest in it. This means the time you will spend studying, doing assignments and giving exams. While all Islamic Finance Courses are distance learning based, there are some which give you a better learning opportunity than the other ones. The CIMA certificate for Islamic Finance gives candidates course material which they have to study on their own. The institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance is a little better since along with course material, they also assign tutors who are there from time to time to answer your questions and record your milestones. While AIMS has interactive online lectures as well as 24/7 support available from seasoned professionals. Ethica has no experts on board but provides study guides to candidates.

2. Curriculum

The curriculum for the Islamic Finance Courses by CIMA is only in the form of study guides and supplementary material; this means that there are other textbooks which have to be referred to and same is the case with Ethica. The Islamic Finance Courses by the Islamic Institute of Bank and Insurance is not as extensive as it should be as the course barely touches all of the things which a certified Islamic finance professional should know about. While AIMS provides all of the course material as well as having a faculty available at all times for students’ questions.

3. Recognition

One of the most important things to consider when getting any sort of certification is to know about the recognition of the certificate. With Islamic Banking Courses or Islamic Finance Courses, you need to make sure that the degree you are getting is worth something. CIMA and IIBI are accredited worldwide. The Ethica is a fairly new institute and does not have enough recognition. And AIMS has been doling out certifications for more than a decade, is a registered learning provider and  hence their degree are a solid investment

4. Cost

The course by CIMA costs GBP 990-1000 depending on the course you teach and only provides study guides apart from attempts to appear for an exam. The course by Islamic Institute of Bank and Insurance costs GBP 525 but there are extra charges for extensions. The degree by AIMS costs a flat GBP 695 and covers everything from registration, to course material to academic support. And Ethica charges USD 1800 for the entire course.

5. Experts and Academics

Distance learning courses have the downside of students having to study themselves. While CIMA provides no expert help who you can send queries to, AIMS and Islamic Institute of Bank and Insurance have experts on board to ask your questions. Islamic Institute of Bank and Insurance has experts who are available at sometimes while with AIMS, the experts are always available. Ethica can only connect you with alumni and does not have actual teachers. 


​Hence, when looked at all across the spectrum, the best place to get study Islamic finance courses is AIMS; with their competitive pricing, 24/7 expert support, comprehensive course material and more. 

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