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Why Study MBA Project Management?

It was not long ago that getting an MBA in Project Management was not considered all that important. There were several reasons for this, but people stayed at companies longer, so they worked their way up and the experience they gained was considered more than enough for promotion purposes.

Not long ago, people pursued the degree because their company paid for it, they saw it as a way to advance, and the more successful ones in the company had them. Still, the project management degree was more of an afterthought. However, with changing times and new directions in the business world, getting a degree is now more important than ever.



Islamic Economic System and Its Characteristics

The fundamentals of the Islamic economic system start with the differences it has with the capitalistic, communistic, socialistic, and other mixed types of economic engines that have existed over the past centuries. Islamic economics incorporates at least seven major characteristics that in some ways mirror their capitalistic and socialistic counterparts, but are still unique and vibrant to the economic system of Islam.

The system itself consists of organizations, institutions, and social values that exemplify the production, exchange, and consumption of goods and services. Those who follow Islam are encouraged to lead a life of material gain in a way that it shows respect for others, makes their place secure in the world, and provides a source of happiness for their families.

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Growing Demand for Supply Chain Management Professionals

Supply Chain Management – Market Demands:

Supply Chain Management is about managing the product or service from its creation to its delivery to the customer. This field has a very low unemployment rate which means almost all who pursue it land a job successfully. That is why there are many institutions now, which are providing supply chain management certification programs.

To show more about the demand for people willing to work as supply chain management professional globally, below are the top industries where the scope of professionals of this field is growing.

supply chain management professional

Introduction to Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Diploma from AIMS is offered 100% online, and it is designed to produce professionals with a mastery of best practices. Diploma in supply chain management graduates are distinguished in the market, due to their specialized and high-level knowledge in SCM. Supply chain diploma is desgined for you to participate in strategic management of the supply chain within a multi-disciplinary environment.


What is Supply Chain Integration?

Integrated Supply Chain: Introduction, Advantages & Disadvantages

Integrated supply chain is a process wherein every phase from procurement of raw materials to production, quality control to packaging, distribution or supply to eventual delivery is streamlined and inseparable. It is a holistic collective of the various processes, which may be under complete control of one company or multiple partners will come together to have collective control over the integrated process. Integrated supply chain or supply chain integration has several advantages which is why most companies have switched to integrated supply chain management. However, there are some disadvantages as well.

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How to Select a Suitable Project Management Diploma?

Key Features of Project Management Diploma by AIMS

Choosing a project management course, online or offline is the first step towards building a successful project manager career. While there are some specific taught course degrees of project management, getting project management diplomas online after taking courses is very common. While choosing a project management course, it is important for you to choose a recognized institute that has a good ranking or at least has good reviews from previous students. The experience of previous students might define your experience so before choosing a diploma in project management, you should check the marketability of that diploma and experience of previous students with the diploma.


Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE) – Online Islamic Banking Courses

Certified Islamic Finance Expert

Or CIFE from AIMS is a globally recognized and career oriented Islamic finance certificate. It is ideal for job seekers, and a best choice of professionals looking for promotion or a switch.

This Islamic finance qualification keeps a good balance between theoretical studies and practical experience. CIFE comprises five Islamic banking courses and Islamic finance courses, which are offered through an online and self paced learning system.