Supply chain management diploma is designed by leading supply chain experts, who are fully aware of latest market trends. Its curriculum includes all the key areas of other well-known certifications.



Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) focuses on problem-solving abilities, and it links theory to real-world applications. This supply chain management certification is recognised globally, delivered 100% online, and it comprises three logistics and supply chain management courses.


International Supply Chain Management and Logistics makes reference to the management or control of both physical and information flow concerning a wide variety of goods, tracking them from the point of their origin and until they reach the destination. This management is done with the help of a number of tools, which provide support when it comes to planning and implementing the set plans for the efficient flow of the supply chain.

Professionals Upgrade Skills With Online Project Management Certification

Professionals Upgrade Skills With Online Project Management Certification

Growing Demand for Online Project Management Certification:

It is now widely understood that project management skills are critical for the globalized economy in fields as diverse as engineering, IT, construction, finance or healthcare. The demand for project managers who hold degrees in this specialized field from recognized institutes is thus rising. The online project management courses by AIMS are thus sought after by both working professionals and students for their digital flexibility, global recognition and high credibility.

Online educational institutions are is preparing project managers for the global workforce with the ease and convenience of digital technology and self-paced learning. The online project management certification course by AIMS has gained popularity with those who aspire to advance their careers and earn more by upgrading their skill sets.


Key Features of Certified Project Manager (CPM):

Certified Project Manager or CPM certification by AIMS equip students with the latest methods and techniques, such as PMP and Agile methodologies, PMI-ACP and Microsoft Project certification requirements. The courses deliver comprehensive training in areas such as initiating, planning, controlling and closing projects. The curriculum of this online project management certification is structured to include theoretical knowledge and practical skills delivered by outstanding faculty members, and geared towards grooming candidates to work in both medium to large scale enterprises.

Students’ Experience About CPM:

“My learning experience was excellent. The contents of Certified Project Manager program are developed with great effort and that made learning interesting. I improved my skills as well as obtained PDUs and exam prep for PMP and Agile project management certification,” says a recent student.

“Project management is a core skill in demand across the world today. The Certified Project Manager fulfills the standards required of global professionals to deliver maximum results,” said a spokesperson from AIMS.

Why Choose AIMS’ Online Project Management Certification:

The online project management certification is delivered completely online, and students receive interactive lectures, study manuals, 24/7 support, access to an e-library, assignment and credits for higher studies. As a bonus, students are also given exam material & PDUs for PMP, PMI-ACP and MS Project. The study program can be accessed on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. Students and working professionals will find the AIMS Certified Project Manager or CPM is just the right qualification to upgrade their skills and career trajectory.


Lean Supply Chain Management

What is Lean Supply Chain Management:

While the standards of typical supply chain management are known to most business owners, a new wave of lean supply chain management is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons.

Lean Supply Chain Definition:

Understanding lean supply chain definition starts with what effective supply chain management hopes to accomplish. In general, what is lean supply chain starts with operating on the same principles of efficiency, but emphasizes overall quality. This means a reduction of defective goods to zero, lowering waste, and increasing efficiency as a result.

The idea behind lean supply chain management is to emphasize a lower number of returns by customers so that every product that is sold is kept. By reducing quality control issues and having to handle customers with their returns, lean supply chain management reduces overall expenses.

Characteristics of Lean Supply Chain:

The characteristics of lean supply chain management start with the products themselves. An examination of why defects occur, and improving overall standards so that all goods are free of defects. While defects will occur even in environments that emphasize high quality control standards, their numbers can be significantly reduced which in turn benefits the rest of the company.

The lean supply chain examples mostly come from defective products that has slipped through, such as recalled vehicles. When a vehicle is recalled by an auto manufacturing firm, the costs associated with repairing the issue can be considerable. This means creating new parts and paying for the labor associated with the repair, not to mention the inconvenience caused to the customer.

Lean vs Agile Supply Chain:

Lean vs agile supply chain is really the difference in emphasis. Agile supply chain management focuses on the changing environment of business while lean supply chain is focused on quality control.


Advantages of Lean Supply Chain Management:

There are solid advantages to lean supply chain management practices. This is especially true for companies that produce manufactured goods.

Better Manufacturing Techniques:

The emphasis on quality control not only means creating better products, but better means of creating products. This means that the innovation focuses on improving the manufacturing process to eliminate mistakes.

Lower Administrative Costs:

The costs associated in dealing with returns can be considerable even when the number of items is relatively low. By reducing the number of defective goods, you reduce the associated administrative cost of working with customers, replacing the item, and sending a new one back to them.

Improved Brand:

By manufacturing goods that are tough, durable, and are less prone to defects, you increase the status of your company. This can be a powerful advertising tool that promote the company brand by word of mouth which is the most powerful form of advertising.

Lean Supply Chain Examples:

In the end lean supply chain management emphasizes quality of product, effective bill of materials, improving equipment, and working towards creating a better, stronger, item that results in fewer defects. For companies that have taken this approach, especially with products that may be complex or have a difficult manufacturing process, the results have been considerable in terms of overall savings and creating a more efficient manufacturing system.

MBA Project Management

MBA Project Management is designed for professionals willing to boost their skills and lead complex projects for medium to large size organizations. These skills are blended with core business management concepts, such as leadership, marketing, and HR. Project management degree online incorporates flexibility and convenience for busy professionals. Its study contents are professionally developed, engaging, and up to date.