How to Select a Suitable Project Management Diploma?

Key Features of Project Management Diploma by AIMS

Choosing a project management course, online or offline is the first step towards building a successful project manager career. While there are some specific taught course degrees of project management, getting project management diplomas online after taking courses is very common. While choosing a project management course, it is important for you to choose a recognized institute that has a good ranking or at least has good reviews from previous students. The experience of previous students might define your experience so before choosing a diploma in project management, you should check the marketability of that diploma and experience of previous students with the diploma.



Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE) – Online Islamic Banking Courses

Certified Islamic Finance Expert

Or CIFE from AIMS is a globally recognized and career oriented Islamic finance certificate. It is ideal for job seekers, and a best choice of professionals looking for promotion or a switch.

This Islamic finance qualification keeps a good balance between theoretical studies and practical experience. CIFE comprises five Islamic banking courses and Islamic finance courses, which are offered through an online and self paced learning system.

Supply Chain Management Certification Course

Certified Supply Chain Expert

AIMS designed the Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) focuses on problem-solving abilities, and it links the theory to real-world applications. AIMS’ supply chain management certification is recognised globally, and it is designed to produce knowledge and skills in all functions of supply chain.

It is best suited for part-time and full-time studies, and delivered 100% online. Study-contents are available to you 24/7 – anywhere and anytime. This training comprises three logistics and supply chain management courses, that empowers professionals with a strong foundation.

Diploma in Supply Chain Management from AIMS Becomes the No. 1 Choice of Working Professionals

100% online, 24/7 available – Supply Chain Management Diploma offered by AIMS is currently the no. 1 choice of working professionals from all over the world. This diploma has especially been designed for professionals who want to further develop their career in fields related to Supply Chain Management.

“Our Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM) will help you design, implement, and manage competitive supply chains and help you polish your problem-solving skills. MDSCM graduates are distinguished in the market, due to their specialized and high-level knowledge in Supply chain and logistic. The supply chain management diploma from AIMS does not assume a previous understanding of supply chain or logistics. It is recognized globally by employers in all business areas. Our key objective is to prepare you to design & strategically manage supply chains, within a multi-disciplinary environment”, as stated by AIMS


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6 Ways to Enhance Your Career Prospects as Supply Chain Expert

How to Become a Supply Chain Expert?

A supply chain expert is a valuable resource to all medium to larger-size companies that deal in complicated shipping methods or large volumes of products. Because it’s not just the profits a company makes, but how it controls its expenses through the efficiency of its operations. There are many opportunities in the supply chain field and those who qualify have bright futures in the job market because of the knowledge, experience, and skills they have acquired.

How to Qualify?

Although there are different ways to becoming an expert, you will need a supply chain management certification which indicates that you have been formally instructed in the field. It also helps if you have worked in some manner with supply chains, gaining practical experience while earning your certification.

Once you have received the proper training and recognition, there are at least six ways to enhance your career prospects when it comes to the management field of supply chains for businesses, corporations, and organizations.


6 Ways to Enhance Your Career Prospects in SCM

1. Defining Success:

Success is not always making or saving the most money, but rather in providing real value to the company you serve. This means understanding the goals of the company and adjusting your approach to maximize success.

2. Everything Changes:

With technology changing, your routines in running the supply chain will change as well on a regular basis. In fact, many experts in the field find themselves doing something new or different every day. From technology to new rules and regulations to changes in the geo-political world, your tasks in the management of supply chains will change, so you need to be prepared.

3. Facts & Figures:

The essence of supply chain management (SCM) is the data that is generated during the process of moving materials. You need to track supply and demand to keep things moving and be on your toes when conditions change. Understanding the data generated is essential to the field and to your career.

4. Familiarity:

The most successful supply chain expert is one who knows the industry where they work. This means a good familiarity with the information, finances, and materials that are being moved from wholesale to retail to the consumer. Each industry has its unique characteristics, so knowing them is vital to your success as an expert.

5. Networking:

Supply chains affect many different areas of businesses, so you are not isolated, but rather interactive with much of the company. This means that you will need to be detail-oriented and pay attention to changes that occur across your company. So, the more you understand the company itself and its interactions, the better you will be at your job.

6. Understanding the Industry:

This is more than familiarity and networking, this is a good comprehension of the industry where you work. It means keeping an eye on changes that happen outside your organization and providing suggestions for new ideas, technology, or processes that have a positive impact on your company.


A good supply chain expert can earn a considerable salary because of the value they bring to the business. By learning good supply chain management courses, paying attention to the details, keeping on top of changes, and working with others you can excel in this field.

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Top 7 Sectors Where Need for Project Management is Growing

Know the Top 7 Industries That Require Project Management Immensely

Growing a business entirely on your own is not a piece of cake. And thus it is quite impossible for anyone to take a business to the zenith of success on own. Being an entrepreneur, the primary task of a person is taking his or her business to the people scattered all around the world. Project management is the biggest medium using which one can take his or her business to new people. Be it a salon or other industry, over shopping sites, the initial endowment that you need is your engagement as well as a team of project management! Except this, a business will neither attract any audience neither nor enhance the business. Thus in order to overcome this shortcoming in the case of making a business successful, need for project management is growing at rapid speed.

Core sectors like banking, engineering, and medicine are attracting project management in order foster their business. How the project management actually works and why this has become so much important in the era of the 21st century! Let’s look into this matter and decide whether the recent trend of project management is good or hampering the working environment as well as the culture.

need for project management

Importance of Project Management:

Project management is not merely taking account of credits and debits, but also it’s the central pillar of making a business successful. From designing the blueprint of your business profile to making you a business tycoon; everything comes under the service of project management. Whether your market strategy is weak or it’s a promising one, a management team will always need by your side to decide. Thus you can not only make your business a successful one but also can lead it to the zenith of success.

A team of project management is so capable that they can make the layout of your business before initializing of actual work. Following the protocol, they can let you hire skilled labours and keep account of your financial transaction. This helps to enhance the business performance as well as keep everything on the track. Moreover, it improves the working environment as well as influences the productivity, efficiency of a business to a great extent. Thus project management services are in high demand at present days.

Top 7 Sectors Where Need for Project Management is Growing:

Project management is not merely a work where one keeps track of goods and cash. This is the task that requires rigorous knowledge of present market scenario, it requires technical skills to handle any situation, and it has to be potent enough to lead a business to the zenith of success. Below is the list of top 7 key sectors, where the need for project management is growing at a rapid speed for certain reasons. Let’s look into them.

1. Engineering

Engineering being one of the key sectors at present days and it was a vital area at earlier too. With the development of technology, its vastness is growing at rapid speed. Thus it has become evident to hire some project manager for proper growth of the business and to mesh properly with the demand of every project.

2. Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are all about handling money; a lot of money! Thus nowadays it has become too important to hire management staffs for keeping all the records of customers properly. Without them, it won’t be possible for banking workers to handle the vastness of the work.

3. Medical

Medical being one of the critical service need for project management is too high here. Except them, one can’t provide excellent service to every patient in a systematic way.

4. Healthcare

Like medical services healthcare too require proper management to handle the systematic way of service to every patient. Without a management team, it’s quite impossible for doctors and nurses to manage all the tantrums of patients.

5. Construction

Construction being one of the complicated tasks requires project management. Every task has a different set of requirement that can have to be met adequately otherwise payment won’t get cleared. Hiring administration of a project will ensure better service with cost effective measure of construction.

6. Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are one of the valuable natural resources that have been distributed properly. Without management team, this task is impossible for the workers. Proper layout of work and improvisation can’t be possible without good management.

7. Information Technology

With ever changing requirement comes great deal of managing task that can’t be possible without a management team. thus, in case of information technology, which is a fastest growing industry, requires good management otherwise the demand of every project won’t be possible to meet.


As the industries are growing fast, need for project management is rising faster. This is the only medium that can make a difference between businesses. With a good project management team, which you learn during your project management degree (and that includes Certified Project Manager certification), you can easily take your business to the zenith of success.

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7 Reasons to Become a Certified Project Manager for Better Career Prospects

Why Become Certified Project Manager (CPM)?

Project management is a promising career of the last few years. Companies have started to identify project management as a valid and important stage of their business analysis and prosperity. If you are in project management, it is very likely that you need additional knowledge on the field. As many professionals became project managers by chance, or due to their increased experience, this position remains vague in terms of education.

Reasons That You Should Consider


By acquiring your project management certification, you can learn a lot, while setting new, stable grounds on your whole work. Learn why you should definitely consider investing some of your valuable time in order to be able to take your career a step forward. By acquiring your project management certification, you can learn a lot, while setting new, stable grounds on your whole work. Learn why you should definitely consider investing some of your valuable time in order to be able to take your career a step forward.

1. The Credibility of a Certification

All companies begin to demand a valid project management certification. Be one of the few managers that will have the certification, before it is even consider as a must have. Apart from the knowledge, the letters PMP, CAPM or PgMP will give you a whole new level of prestige.

2. International Recognition

Though a successful manager only needs experience and talent, a certified project manager has international recognition, since the PMP is represented in 238 different countries.

3. Future Professional Demand

Your boss may be still satisfied with your performance and skills, however this will not last forever. Research indicates that the percentage of CIOs who request a project management certification has significantly increased from 21% to 31% in just 4 years.

4. Share Your Ideas Using Unified Language

PMP and Prince 2 certifications aim to create a common language between teams, so as to be able to better communicate your strategy with your colleagues.

5. Secure Your Position

Being able to become a certified project manager means that you will always face your job with integrity and professionalism. The company will feel safer with you as an important member of it.

6. Certification Brings Salary Upgrade

Increase your professional value and enhance your monthly salary. Your project management certification will of course cost you, but it will compensate you on a monthly basis, within your increased salary as well.

7. Increase Your Market Value

You have been promoted to project manager within your stable working environment. But what happens if you want to search for other job opportunities? A certified project manager is in high demand from all prestigious companies around the world. You definitely want this ace in your sleeve.

There is no doubt, you will lose your free time, and you will be additionally stressed until you get your project management certification. However, after you receive it, you will have what it takes in order to organise better your team, bring new ideas and gain some respect from your co-workers.


Managers that do not settle in their current position, instead they are always trying to improve their skills, are always appreciated. Even if your current boss will not, you will have a strong trait that you can use in your next job seeking. Additional knowledge and certification is always a good ally in this demanding professional world.


PhD in Islamic Finance

PhD Islamic finance is a research-based program that helps candidates to secure a high position at top tier organizations. The doctorate degree produces scholars, who are competent to work in a variety of areas in Islamic banking and finance. PhD in Islamic banking and finance is accredited globally, and it is offered Full-Time / Part-Time through distance learning.

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